Sunday School

We offer Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. for all ages, from nursery through adult.

There are various ongoing studies coupled with fellowship in order to enrich Christian growth. Please contact Sandra Jones at if you are looking for a class.

Adult Sunday School

Chapman Class - Lower Level

Class consists of all who are young at heart, with ages ranging from 50-65+. Our time together is primarily centered on Bible study and discussion of how we can make Jesus relevant in our lives today.

Facilitators: Linda Poore, Ron Lewis

New Fellowship - Main Level

An adult class with all ages. A continued growth in fellowship with Christ through study and discussion of the Holy Scriptures.

Facilitators: Elizabeth Young, Rick Moser

Prime Movers - Lower Level

Special class for people who typically do not go to Sunday School or even care for it. Closer community is the emphasis here, along with sharing and discussing topics of relevance to us today. Provocative, challenging, comforting, and encouraging, this group welcomes all people who consider themselves empty-nesters…or close.

Facilitators: Bill & Sue Andre

The Travelers - Chapel

Class is made up of singles and couples between the ages of 30-65 and uses short-term book and video-based discussion.

Facilitator: Lori Stinnett

Children’s Sunday School

Pre-K—10th Grade - Youth Wing, Upper Level

Deep Blue Rotation Station